Mary Jo Duffy

Jo Duffy was a notable Marvel editor and writer in the 1980s.

"Avengers Assemble!," The Avengers #132 (Feb. 1974)

Dear Steve,

Avengers #128: excellent! We've been so busy pondering the mystery of Mantis's powers and origin, that it has only become clear recently that she is a rotten excuse for a human being. Ironic, isn't it? When she and the Swordsman first joined, given a foot in the door by the aid she had given to Wanda, Captain America objected to the Swordsman as a potential threat. It was Mantis who was the threat. She's repeatedly shafted Wanda, been unforgiveably and unnecessarily cruel to her erstewhile "man," and hit the team in the one spot where they can be destroyed: their morale. Whether intentionally or not you've created one of the grestest villainesses the world has ever known. Of course, technically she doesn't belong in the mag anymore, since she was only a "hanger-on," staying around "as a courtesy to the Swordsman."

— Mary Jo Duffy
81 Kensington Road
Garden City, NY 11530

"X-Mail," X-Men #104 (Apr. 1977)

Dear Chris and Dave,

I love you both. I love your pencils and your typewriter. I love your armadillo. And most of all, I love the all-new X-Men. You've done it. I never thought I'd hear me say this, much less put it in writing, but I think I like them better than the originals. (Okay, so maybe it helps that everyone has finally found a home.)

Sam Mandel has [a] right to his opinion, but anyone who could dislike this comic must be out of the twilight zone.

— Jo Duffy
81 Kensington Road
Garden City, NY 11530

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