A comprehensive list of my publications, from A.D. to American Splendor, from mini-comics to public exhibitions.


Thoughts and stories from one of life's vagabonds. My blog.

Harvey Pekar's Artists

A fairly comprehensive list of all the artists (including yours truly) Harvey Pekar collaborated with over the 30+ years he did American Splendor.

From Fanboys to Pros

Kurt Busiek, Todd McFarlane, Dave Sim — back in the day, they were fanboys just like everyone else. This is a collection I've put together over the years of real letters to comics' mailbags from comics professionals during their amateur letterhack days. And, yes, I'm in there as well...

Palm Pilot Sketches

I had this neat little add-on on my old Palm IIIxe that allowed me to doodle right onto the PDA. Here are some samples.

Writing About Film

At one point — in the early 1990s — I fancied myself a bit of a film critic, and I even had a few reviews published.

Links & Plugs

A small collection of mostly comics-related websites that I recommend checking out.