Links and Plugs

Not really updated since c. 2006

Alternative Comics

My publisher, and of "cool comic books," by folks like Dean Haspiel, Nick Bertozzi, Gabrielle Bell, Tomer Hanuka, Graham Annable, and David Lasky.

Justin Hall Comics

Justin Hall's site, featuring his Xeric Award-winning ongoing series, True Travel Tales, a theme after my own heart.

Beek's Books

Todd VerBeek's comics reviews. "This is a review . . . it just isn't a summary of this week's comics." Smart stuff, color coded by genre and featuring lots of images. Oh, and a review of Keyhole ;->

Beekeeper Cartoon Amusements

Jason Little's Shutterbug Follies gives a nod to Hergé but is very much an original product of Jason's feverish imagination. Excellent!

Nick Bertozzi

Nick's site, which shows off his amazing and wacky range. Also a link to his comics work, including the consistently brilliant ongoing series, Rubber Necker.

The Comics Journal

Without the Journal, comics would be even lower on the cultural totem pole. Gary Groth & Kim Thompson's mag is acerbic, rigorous, opinionated — and smart.

Comics Scholarship Annotated Bibliographies

Gene Kannenberg's comics page, featuring bibliographies, criticism, essays and links to other sites. One smart feller.

Tom Hart's New Hat Stories

Extensive site featuring the exploits of Hutch Owen and Hart's other creations. Tom's comics are brilliant fables of the individual's struggle to triumph over ever-increasing corporate homogenization.And they're funny as hell.

Dean Haspiel

Dino is a comix madman: brilliant, manic, filled with gorilla nature. I've known him for over 20 years, so I'm completely objective. Of course.

Hergé's Syldavian

Mark Rosenfelder's incredibly complete "grammar" of Syldavian, the European language invented by Hergé for use in the Tintin books. This is a real treasure, and is obviously the product of someone with a hell of a lot of time on their hands. Also in French!

Peter Kuper

The personal website of the creator of such comix masterpieces as ComixTrips and The System. Visit weekly to see new installments of "Topsy Turvy."

Marco Solo

Shannon Brady's semi-autobiographical travel tales from Thailand and Nepal. His swirly, semi-pschedelic art perfectly captures the chaotic flavor of the East.


Brian is a Biggs amongst littles. Check out the musings, ramblings and awesome scribblings of the artiste behind Dear Julia.

Penguin Place

If you like penguins or know someone who does, waddle on over to Penguin Place. Hundreds of serious and silly penguins to choose from including the hilarious Evil Penguins by Elia Anie. But, don't take my word for it — this is also Sparky The Penguin's (Tom Tomorrow) fave as well.

Small Press Expo (The EXPO)

The original independent comix con, held annually every fall in Bethesda, MD. Do not miss this one! The Official Tintin Site

The Hergé Foundation's official site. In French and English, with tons of pics, info, essays, links and more of what makes you (me) happy.


Animation studio run by Gary Leib and his cohorts. Flash animations for all — guaranteed to offend.