The Vagabonds #3

The Vagabonds #3"The 25 Comics, 6 Postcards, 2 Prints, 2 Buttons, and 1 Poster that Found Me At MoCCA Fest"
Bleeding Cool (Apr. 9, 2014)

by Hannah Means Shannon

Josh Neufeld has marked his return to new comic production in New York with this third issue of his self-published series The Vagabonds, and this is the “journalism issue,” taking on an international stage. In fairly large format, with glossy card covers and interior matter on the covers, this is also a finely produced comic from the newly launched Hang Dai Editions out of Brooklyn.

Well, Neufeld is an established master of autobio narratives, here in full color, and the quality of the work and the production make it a contender for any comic shop — more or less proving that self-published works can rival publishing houses. The stories include narratives of Super Storm Sandy, concerns for Taiwan and Bahrain, and generally catch you up on Neufeld’s travels and experiences the last few years, but all with his trademark humor and questioning attitude.

How can essentially “serious” comics be so entertaining? It’s all in the tone, and Neufeld’s is very inviting.

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