Keyhole #6

An eclectic two-man anthology I co-created with Dean Haspiel, Keyhole ran for six issues (with two publishers!) from 1996 – 1998. In Keyhole I began telling stories from the around-the-world backpacking adventures of Josh and Sari. My other regular contributions included humorous one-page "travel tips," "Lionel's Lament," and "Titans of Finance."

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Keyhole #6, 32 pp., $2.95.

Critical Reaction to Keyhole

"The stories of Josh and . . . Sari travelling through Thailand provide a street-level view of other cultures, with nothing whitewashed. . . . The lessons learned are basic but universal, made more relevant through seeing exactly how the travelers came to them. . . . The stories often remind us of the point of travelling — to experience and come to terms with the unknown, and ultimately to address your own spirituality and reason for being."
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"(Two) talented young cartoonists who are aggressively exploring the comics medium."
Subliminal Tattoos

"Pushing the creative envelope to the limit."
World of Fandom

"One of the most thought-provoking, interesting, entertaining and all-out cool comics."

"A head-on collision between American Splendor and Hate, but rest assured that its eccentric appeal is no accident."
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"(Fans of) Acme Novelty Library or Zero Zero should check out this very mixed but highly entertaining bag."
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