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                  Trump-Russia Memos Why We Break Our Stuff Accidentally-on-Purpose Costumed
                  Chaos in Times Square
"The Trump-Russia Memos"
Columbia Journalism Review
"Why We Break Our Stuff Accidentally-on-Purpose"
Harvard Business School
Working Knowledge
"Costumed Chaos in Times Square: The infamous street Elmos of NYC fight for their right to take selfies with tourists"
The Nib

 The Secret Life of Emojis

                  Crooklyn to Ice Cream Cone-y Island A Scanner Constantly

"The Secret Life of Emojis"
The Boston Globe

"From Crooklyn to
Ice Cream Cone-y Island"

The Mint's The Big Picture

"A Scanner Constantly"
Pacific Standard

With writer Adam Bessie

Road to Germany

Fare Game AD10K

"The Road to Germany: $2400"
Foreign Policy

With writer Alia Malek
and photographer Peter van Agtmael

"Fare Game:
Taking the Rating Economy for a Ride"
Al Jazeera America

With reporter Michael Keller

"Where Are They Now? Revisiting 4 Katrina Survivors 10 Years Later"

Follow-up to
A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge

Notification Cancer

Crossing the Line

                    School is Not a Pipe

You've Got Cancer"

The Boston Globe

With writer Adam Bessie
"Crossing the Line:
Racial Profiling at the U.S. Border"

Medium's The Nib

"This School is Not a Pipe"

With writer Adam Bessie
Red Hook

Red Hook

Bahrain: Lines in Ink, Lines in the Sand
"SuperStorm Stories:
a Red Hook Family," Part II

Medium's The Nib
"SuperStorm Stories:
a Red Hook Family," Part I

Medium's The Nib

"Bahrain: Lines in Ink,
Lines in the Sand"
Cartoon Movement

2012 Eisner Award nominee.
Translated into Persian, Dutch, and Italian.
                  Beekeeper Mr. Met or Mr. Hyde Song for September 11

"The Beekeeper"
Smith's Next Door Neighbor

With writer Sari Wilson
"Mr. Met — or Mr. Hyde?!"
 "Song for September 11th"
9-11: Emergency Relief